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Temporary care for child or children during an absence of parents or guardians.


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Handyman, also known as a fixer, handy person or a person skilled at wide range of repairs


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Services that are different or distinct from those already listed. Everything that does not match other categories.


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Look good and feel good. Choose from variety of beauty and personal care treatments.


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Remove unwanted substances like dirt, debris, or other impurities and have your home clean again.


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Create perfect front yard and backyard. Find the right combination of sunlight, soil and water to make your plants thrive.


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Create precious and timeless memories of your emotions, feelings, or vibe and atmosphere worth to remember.


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Repair, fix or mend. Process of putting something damaged, broken or not working correctly back into good condition or making it work again.

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10+ Years
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PaaS Inc.

6 - 9 Years
$150 / hr


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2 - 5 Years
$33 / hr

Maggie Wallace

10+ Years
$32 / hr

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BCtalk.ca Team

Great idea and the perfect solution for both service providers and people who need a job to be done. Expert can easily extend their reach and provide accessible information for the customers. Customers can post their request and find experts who are able to do a job within their budget. We hope to find here many experts who could help us to improve our services. Website is user friendly and easily to navigate. Keep up the good job.

Wojciech Schab

As Internet Marketing Specialist I can say that this project is super useful and helpful especially for experts and people in need. It assures hassle free interactions between experts and customers within just few clicks. Each Expert can extend his reach by creating a profile and find new customers. Customers can find a service provider even when they are on a budget. Implemented feedback system allows them to choose from the most reliable professionals. I truly love this website and I recommend it to anyone who wants to find customers or get a job done.
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