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Home Made Food vs. Restaurant Food.

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It has been said that eating is one of the best pleasures of life. We often remember and recall foods made by our grandmas. They were always delicious and prepared using the best quality products. Today we still try to eat meals that are tasty, healthy and made of the best quality ingredients.

We live in fast paced environment and sometimes we are forced to choose between home made food and foods made in restaurants, fast food chains or grocery stores. We can save lots of time ordering food for delivery. However, financially this is way more expensive than making food at home. There are many restaurants and firms making different types of foods. They all claim to be the best quality and “the best” choice in any city.

Is this really true? Do we get good quality food from restaurants, or are we better off making food at home or looking for places that are advertised as “home made” foods?

Over time we have become a more aware society seeking more healthy lifestyles. Realizing that the food we put in our bodies is key to our overall health, more and more people pay attention to what they are consuming. By cooking at home, we know exactly what ingredients are being used and have full control over the calories and nutrients. This is not the case when we get a meal from a fast-food chain. We get processed food (or “fake” food) which in other words is not healthy for human beings. Hardly anyone ever checks the labels to see exactly what ingredients such food contains. Have you ever asked yourself why all fast-food fries are so symmetrical? Or why beef burgers are so cheap when in reality the beef is quite expensive? I know, it tastes so good but is it worth to sacrifice your health for a couple bites of not-so-healthy-but-great-tasting “fake” food?

I love my muesli

The answer to our question seems to be quite obvious? Home made food definitely gives us full control over how we eat and what we eat. However, there are situations where we just do not have time for cooking at home. What can we do in such situations?

There are lots of food providers that can help us. There are lots of places that make home style foods and can likely adjust meals slightly depending on your preferences (less sugar, dairy free, etc.). If you’re craving a burger, use a slow food restaurant. Choose a place that uses  the best quality ingredients by doing your research, asking questions and reading customer reviews. Quality restaurants do not use glutamate of sodium or artificial flavors to improve the taste of meals. Use your nose as an indicator. If the place you want to eat at or order from is clean and smells good, it means that you probably found a place where you can get a good quality and healthy meal.

To summarize, please keep in mind that home made food prepared using natural, fresh and best quality ingredients is the best way to preserve good health and vitality each day.

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