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How to choose a wedding photographer?

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A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of two people in love. Human memory is transitory, and therefore we need a photographer who will make sure that our memories of this day will stay vivid and alive forever. It is important to be able to share these deepest moments of our happiness with family and friends. We want photographers to capture all important details like emotions, tears, laughter, joy, dance, etc. This is a lot of pressure, and we often have a problem finding the perfect person to trust with such a task.

So, what should we consider when choosing a wedding photographer?

There are lots of people on the market today, advertising themselves as wedding photographers. Digital photography becomes more and more popular as digital cameras are becoming cheaper and cheaper. This leads to a situation where many people think that they can make money as wedding photographers. We know on the other hand that being professional wedding photographer requires way more than just fancy equipment and an ad in a newspaper or website.

I truly believe that one of the best ways to find good wedding photographer is the word of mouth. You should start asking friends and family and ask about their experiences with wedding photographers. They will be honest with you and better yet, can show you the results of their photographer’s work. The more positive reviews about a person you can collect – the better they are at their job. This should be determinative factor.

However, you should also remember that each photographer has their own style which may not necessarily align with your taste and preferences. This is why, you should always meet with them person and review their portfolio before making the final decision. This will allow you to decide if this person’s work will fit the atmosphere and theme of your wedding. You do not have to be a professional to see if photographs in someone’s portfolio have pleasing colors and contrast.

Another important factor which we cannot omit is the ability of story telling by photographer. It is important that pictures present and cover the event in interesting and unconventional ways. Keep in mind that a portfolio is just a collection of the select few and best pictures of a photographer’s work. To see all of their work, you should check out their blogs (if any) or contact people who they may have worked for in the past.

You cannot forget about financial aspect. Different photographers offer different packages and process for their service. To avoid a disappointment, you have to review an offer and find out what is included in the price of a service and if there is anything else that will require additional fees. You should definitely be aware of number of hours he will work, number of pictures you can count on, number of prints, albums, data carriers and if you can count on an off-location session.

If you are still uncertain of a person of your choice, maybe you should consider arranging an engagement photoshoot. This will allow you to determine if this person understands your vision and makes you feel comfortable enough to have them be a part of your special day.

Finally, it is time for an agreement. This will guarantee that the service will be provided according to prior arrangements. Remember that a good agreement shouldn’t be too complicated and long. It should be readable and comprehensible.

I hope that some of these tips help you to find a wedding photographer of your dreams.

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